Latest Abaya Collection for Women 2014

Latest Designer Abaya collection 2014_2015 for Women, now available in stores.It brings  adorable and stunning collection of abaya which feels like a princess or Queen .Now you can buy branded Abaya like  Dubai Fashion in Pakistan.It is comfortable, easy to wear and elegant. Abaya is a traditional over garment throughout the Middle East especially in Dubai, Shariah, Iran, Syria, Pakistan and many more countries. We have some collection of traditional and embroidered  Abaya's  Some abayas are open with buttons while some are close or "pull over". Abayas are design in such a way that they can wear in every season like in hot weather or cold weather. Here we bring some Latest Abaya Collection of Designer 2014_ 2015.

Dark blue abaya

Chinyere  Abaya

Royal blue abaya collection 2014-2015

open(_button) abaya 

purple embroidered abaya

black  gown style abaya
lemon butterfly style fancy abaya

Abaya latest collection for all season
red gorgeous abaya style 
peach embroidered fancy abaya
Dark brown open shirt style abaya


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