Ali Zeeshan Summer Eid Pret Collection 2014_2015

Ali Xeeshan theater studio predominately a couture house specialize in formal and bridal wear and is now offering LUXURY VOILE PRINTS by Shariq textiles.His design philosophy is to treat each PRINT as an individual piece of art.Drawing inspiration from a strong cultural heritage and blending it with international trends,using unusual shades with complete command over the palette. Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio is entirely based on idea of offering timeless pieces of art that are forever classy, pieces that outshine with subtlety of vintage glint.It includes more than 30 splendid designs which made you look magnificent and luxurious.

Recently, Ali Zeeshan launched its Eid pert lawn collection. We are going to present Ali Xeeshan luxurious and brilliant eid catalog. For more information visit our outlet.
"Rare is the union of beauty and purity"

"Big girls need big diamond"

"create your own style....let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for other"

"I am a fashion person and fashion is not only about clothes"

"The most pleasant and alluring curve on a women is the smile"

Passion for fashion 

"Capturing love around the curves"

Style is knowing who you are,what you want to say and, not giving a damn.

Lace is the ultimate symbol of luxury.


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