Kayseria summer Lawn Eid Collection 2014_2015

Kayseria brings amazing Eid collection for girls and women. It brings salient collection of summer lawn collection. No doubt, Kayseria has has built credibility in the market as designer wear out for women and kids.It has several outlets all across Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Islamabad, Sargodha, Peshawar, Quetta and many more cities and all in abroad like Dubai. Shariah, abu_dabhi and much more. It brings  more than 25 designs with stunning color combination for eid. It includes skirts, stitched and un_stitched suits, 3 piece suit, 2 piece suit, chiffon duppatta, silk cotton mix suit, frocks, anarkali frocks, umbrella frocks, saaries and  much more variety for eid. It includes red, orange, yellow, brown,reddish, currant, white, silver, green, light green, purple, purple_pink, peach, apricot, sea_green, pink_red, pink_purple, pink_orange, reddish, majanda, golden, brown and much more colors. This Eid, Kayseria brings amazing variety for its customer. We all hope that this variety is loved by our clients. No doubt Kayseria is one of the best fabric industry in the world of fashion.It always come with the latest designs and latest styles. These dresses are very comfortable, easy and purchasable. Everybody can purchase these dresses at suitable prices. This brand range from pk rupees 1000_10000. Enjoy this summer Eid with the latest and beautiful collection Kayseria. Here we are going to present Ksyseria spring summer Eid collection 2014_2015 with prices.
pkr = 1290 .. unstitched 2 piece suit. embroidered printed long shirt with white trouser...
shirt piece=3mtr . troser piece=2.5mtr. 

pkr=1450 unstitched 2 piece suit. shirt piece 3 mtr, trouser piece=3mtr. cocktail printed round shaped shirt with trouser.

Dazzling blue color dress. pkr =1550 untitched 2 piece. shirt piece =3mtr, trouser piece= 2.5 mtr.

bright yellow printed shirt with printed trouser. pkr=1690 . chiffon duppatta =2.5 meter,
shirt piece= 3 meter, trouser=2.5 meter 

reddish printed dress with tights. 3 piece un stitched suit.  pkr=2790
shirt piece=3meter, chiffon duppatta= 2.5meter. trouser piece=3 meter.

orange printed shrt with chiffon embroidered duppatta with shalwaar.
pkr =2790. unstitched 3 piece. 3 meter peice for duppatta, shirt and for trouser.

green, red embroidered shrit with plaazo and chiffon embroidered duppatta. unstitched 3 piece suit.
3 meter eachshirt, duppatta and trouser. pkr =3290

black embroidered shirt with deep black plaazo.. 2 piece unstitched dress pkr= 2790/- 
dazzling blue suit with lawn duppatta.. 3 piece unstitched suit . pkr=4190.

green, orange printed dress, pocket style shirt with tights and chiffon embroidered printed duppatta.
unstitched 3 piece suit. 3 meter piece for each duppatta, trouser and shirt.pkr=3990.

dark green embroidered shirt with Aladdin shalwaar and embroidered duppatta. unstitched 3 piece suit.

pink embroidered dress with pinted duppatta. 3 piece unstitched suit. pkr=3890.

pink dress with contrach orang crinkle duppatta. 3 piece un stitched suit.

orange_purple contract embroidered shrit with plaazo and crinkle embroidered duppatta.
3 piece un_stitched suit. pkr=4490

white printed shirt with printed trouser and chiffon duppatta. unstitched 3 piece .. pkr=4590

Sea_green printed gown style shirt with tights.. pink, blue dyed duppatta .
unstitched 3 piece suit. pkr=4890.

Grey shirt with red contract embroidred printed shirt and red lining contract red with chiffon red duppatta.
3 unstitched suit. pkr=3980

white block printed shirt with plaazo and printed chiffon duppatta.  3 piece unstitched suit
shirt piece=3mtr, trouser piece=3mtr, chiffon duppatta=2.5 . pkr=5780 


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